Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Times of India: New delight for art lovers

6 May, 2007

NEW DELHI: Indian artist Sidharth Singh gave art lovers a real delight by holding a preview of his paintings in the Capital. Based on the concept of Barah maha (twelve months, the seasons), some of Mr Singh's work have been selected for the Sotheby's auction to held in London from May 17 to June 3 this year. The artist, known for using vibrant natural colours which he produces himself, describes his collection as the culmination of "a journey of seeing things in my environment that I may not have seen had I missed the opportunities". And, the "journey of self-discovery" that Mr Singh has undertaken through his art has certainly brought him a long way – from painting signboards while at school, to the British auction giant Sotheby's. Singh believes that a European audience is not really needed for the real market for Indian art lies in India itself. "The market is better in India. The European market is not really needed. It is only that they are now becoming aware of Indian art. This growing awareness is very positive," said Mr Singh. As for whether this interest in Indian art is just a phase, Mr Singh said: "Everything has its own heights, its own graphs. The West has now started to look at this part of the world for hope, as Indian art is still traditional." However, he feels that this interest will certainly not be short-lived. Mr Singh uses natural mineral pigments, which can be found in soft stone or in clay. He also produces vegetables dyes from extracts of roots, stems, barks, leaves, fruits, nuts and shoots of different plants, trees and shrubs. He even uses different languages in all his sculptures. He uses more than one language while writing names. One letter may be written in Tibetan, one in Pali, one in Hindi, one in Chinese, one in Swahil. Also putting in an appearance at the preview was Indian star Dimple Kapadia, who happens to be one of Mr Singh's students.

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